Roses am Blue

by Father Spatter

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Recorded on my mom's computer in my bedroom


released July 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Father Spatter Portland, Maine

I am Thomas Shadis. Dremel enthusiast and artist.
For booking, email:

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(207) 380-9992

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Track Name: Summer Circus on the Surface Blues
She tries really hard
to be a sunflower
with her yellow skirt on
she'll twirl for hours

But she'll always be nothing
but a vehicle of meat
Just like you
Just like me

people are just people
people are people and the usually don't wanna be people

Feeling dumb all the time
yet always eagre to say hi

she is aloof
dry bricks under rain boots
summer circus on the surface blues
summer circus on the surface blues
Track Name: When You Die
You make me sick
cause your so unfortunate
forgive me and my self pity
when you're the one who's dying

When you go
I will know
if I am coming along
hope your dead self
doesn't mind my lack of self loathing songs

When you die I will kill myself
When you die I will kill myself
So don't die on me

Won't be because I'll miss you
It'll be because you cant miss me
So don't die on me
Track Name: Rosey
She slides into sleep
hoping that she'll be there
waiting with me
I'm your dead dog, Rosey
recreate me in a dream
recreate me in a dream

My archetype is inside her head
Her me won't die until she's dead

She stands beside me with doves flying from her open chest
Dead dog In her mental nest

You miss when her smile shown bright
Although you see her every night
She cannot smile anymore
She cannot smile anymore

Slide into sleep
Slide into sleep
Track Name: Last Bath
Oooh wop wop
oooh wop wop

I live in the pet food isle of the Petco by the mall
spending my days looking at pictures of dogs
on the bags full of food for dogs

About twice a day I'll have to evade
an impulse shopper contemplating buying a cat
It's not so bad
So bad
So bad

In grade school I would wait by the water fountain
hoping it wouldn't be to long till she came round the mountain
I knew she would come when she comes
But she still hasn't come
So I bought a gun and bathed with it in my tub

Last Bath
Last Bath
Last Bath
Last Bath
Track Name: Clean Fur
Simplistic girl
with a flower on her head
dwells on all the things
that he never said

Fetch the ball
return to her
sit on the grass
never the dirt
clean fur
clean fur

Every girl needs a guy to take her to the park
every couple needs a dog that never barks

Fetch the ball
return to her
sit on the grass
never the dirt
clean fur
clean fur
Track Name: Windham, 2030
The year is 2030
Drones drop cartons of cigarettes through Windham's sweaty cloak of smog
One hits the head of an artificially intelligent humanoid robot going for a jog
this being staggers, stepping on and crushing the last living frog